If you are looking for a kick-ass attitude and award-winning backpack for running, you have come to the right place.

USWE's Running Hydration Backpacks comes with these kicking features:



USWE originally started as a hydration pack designer for action sports. We designed the packs together with athletes and adrenaline junkies. The speed and action, big jumps and bouncing trails were tamed by the No Dancing Monkey™  harness system.

In the early century (yeah we've been around for a while), when we first discussed running; We were thinking about boring, endless road runs in slow pace. Endurance focus, monotonous, some called it boring...

NDM Harness

Then we learned. We put ourselves into action! We evolved and we got to the mountains and trails with nothing but our shoes.

We became runners. Adrenaline junkie kind of runners, that were in need of proper action packs for the newly discovered action sport called running. Cause that's what we believe. We believe that running is an action sport and an action sport well deserved of bounce free running packs.

Check out some of our running packs in action in this video:


USWE released the first running specific pack in 2016 and instantly won the Scandinavian Outdoor Award for the neat looking Vertical 4L, bounce free, No Dancing Monkey™  backpack. This hydration backpack is built on our patended No Dancing Monkey™  technology. The fabrics are lightweight and suited for both long runs in the mountains as well as the short city runs. The Vertical 4L is nowadays also frequently used as a commute running pack.


We believe that the success of the Vertical for 100% comes from the design. We haven´t done any big marketing campaigns for this one. Neither have we paid influencers or athletes to promote it. Actually... When we released it, we didn´t even had a release plan for the marketing...We just knew it was an awesome hydration pack for running and we hoped someone would find out. And someone did. A lot of someones. A freaking hord of someones... 


That´s the design talking. Not just the look and the feel, but the perfect fit and the characteristics of the No Dancing Monkey™ . In other words. It´s a "kick-ass", bounce free, hydration pack with the perfect fit for running.


The Award Winning Vertical 4L Running Action Pack.


Since the release of Vertical 4L, we have been developing new hydration backpacks for running, like the bigger Vertical 10L. This pack is based on the award-winning features of Vertical 4L, but it´s extended to hold 10L storage.


We have also released our most popular cross over hydration pack ever, called Outlander 2L. The Outlander can be described as a minimialstic, lightweight series of hydration packs that can be used for any sport. The 2L version holds a hydration bladder and pretty much nothing else. The design makes the pack feels like it´s glued to your back and people describe it in terms like "you are pretty much forgetting that you are wearing a pack". We don´t want you to forget about the Outlander though... No...You should try it, cause it´s ideal for running, biking, moto-sports, SUP padling, kayak, XC skiing... 


This is one of the prototypes of the Pace 12L. The finished product comes with 2x USWE 500ml front soft flasks with red tube.


During the last months we have also released our first front pocket running vest, called the Pace 12L.  The Pace is a hybrid pack/vest with 12L volume and some special features for trailrunning. The Pace12L is equipped with front pockets, pole attachment points (both front and back), soft flasks, 12L of storage, an accessible phone pocket and more.


"A bounce-free, lightweight vest with easy access to storage and a simple, form-fitting harness. It's a winning combination that means the focus can be purely on achieving your best performance." Read full review


In our range of running products we also want to mention our hip-belt Zulo2L. The belt comes with a 1L hydration system and a magnet clip for the tube. You can use it as a running hydration belt or you can use it just to bring your essentials for the short run.