With the NDM 2.0 harness we measure the size by using the "Torso Size" Measurement. It's actually it’s super easy to make your own size measurement and check if a pack works for you. All you have to do is measure your body height from your hip bone to your shoulders/collarbone (See picture below). You'll find the "Torso Fit Range" in the specifications tab.




Step 1: The harness is attached to the backplate using velcro, detach the harness to reveal multiple harness size markings stemming from 1-10. Use these markings as a guide and test your way to the correct setting. Taller or bigger people usually find the best setting around 5-10 and shorter people usually find a good fit at 1-5. For women the harness settings could be slightly different. Always try aligning the buckle under the chest for optimal support and if you have a larger chest try using a larger harness setting.




Step 2: Once you've found the perfect harness setting you're almost done. Now you need to use the Snug-Me System to embraces the whole torso for a secure and bounce free fit. While wearing the bag simply grab both parts of the belt, one in each hand and hold them in the height of your hip belt by your hips. Now pull the straps forward and away from your hips. This will allow the entire strap to simultaneously tighten from your hips to the chest. Once you've found the perfect amount close the bukle and tighten the straps until they are comfortably tight.

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