Even lighter than the PRO

The ultra lightweight design of Race 2.0 takes "lightweight" to even new limits clocking in at a minimal 230g (excluding hydration system & sleeve)

Makes You Faster (yes really)

The design and shape have a positive effect on your aerodynamics, even better than wearing no pack. We know it sounds crazy, but its tested and proved.  

Keeps you cool in action

The included insulated sleeve (with a weight of only 25g) for the hydration bladder is designed to keep your hydration cool for much longer during the ride, no matter how hot the weather, or you, get. Or if you prefer leave the sleeve at home and use an ice filled bladder on the other side of the 3D mesh to cool you down on the hot riders. The choice us yours.

Most breathable USWE pack ever

Fixed harness using a 3D mesh with a breathable, lightweight backplate and a silicone print to keep it even more stable on your back.

Get it before everyone else

We changed the game of MTB hydration, now we are taking it to next level. The RACE 2.0 Hydration Pack, our lightest creation yet. We built and improved upon our previous race pack by making it lighter, developing unbeatable ventilation and throwing in a kick-ass way of keeping your hydration cool.

Now for the awesome. This pack will not be released to the public until later this year. As a Member, you have the opportunity to order this pack before everyone else.

“When can I get my hands on this?” You say. Today, yes right now, you can order and have it in your hands before the season starts.



Since the dawn of the traditional backpack, people all over the world have experienced the same uncomfortable sensation. Like there is a monkey that makes the pack bounce up and down and swing from side to side.

For decade, the industry has tried to stop the monkeys but with very limited success. Of course, we are not talking about real life monkeys. But we think it’s the perfect way to explain the difference between a USWE pack and the traditional backpacks. That´s why we call our patented harness technology  “No Dancing Monkey™".

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Yes! Dylan Johnsson took one of our packs for extensive testing in a wind tunnel, and found that the USWE pack had a positive results on aerodynamics. Check out the video for all the details.

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