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Lightweight Protector Backpack for Mountain Biking

This bounce free MTB protector backpack is made for the adrenaline junkie. The PATRIOT protects both your back and your gear when bombing the steepest hills or shredding the roughest terrain. This mountainbike backpack gives you the total confidence with the removable multi-compliant CE-certified SAS-TEC central back protector (SC-1/CB52) made of flexible viscoelastic foam with memory effect that returns to its original shape after impact or deformation. 

Equipped with our award winning No Dancing Monkey™ 4-point harness system that secures the load on your back with a bounce-free and optimized fit. Shoulder pressure is minimized by suspension straps, while the elastic chest straps allow full body movement and breathing capacity. 

  • Zero bounce - With our patented award winning NDM 4-point harness system. 
  • Stay protected - Worry less about falling over and more about how to gain speed with the removable Lev.1CE-Certified by SAS-TEC full back protector, designed to protect and to stay put on your back in highspeed action. 

The Patriot Comes in two colors. A sweet high visibility Orange and a clean looking neutral Gray. 

NDM 1.0 Harness Technology

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