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Lightweight Hydration Packs for Hardcore Mountain biking

When you’re riding and fighting unpredictable terrain, basic things such as grabbing your bottle for a quick zip of hydration sounds easier than it is. Controlling your ride with both hands on the handlebar when on the trails is the key for safety and to prevent crashing.

That is why we equipped the MTB Hydro series with an easy to grab magnet clip to keep the drink tube in a secure and fast access position, absolutely minimizing the time that you’re not in complete control.

So, when you hit that surprise bump in the trail, you have both of your hands exactly where you need them – on the handlebar. The packs are lightweight and come with several different smart storage solutions, tailored for your needs.

Zero Bounce With the No Dancing Monkey™ Harness

The MTB Hydro collection is the ultimate selection of hydration packs for performance minded MTB or Gravel cyclist searching for high-end lightweight quality and functionality.  No matter if you’re an athlete or weekend warrior, the MTB Hydro will stay put on your back even in the most gnarly terrain. The packs are equipped with our bounce free No Dancing Monkey™ 1.2 harness system, with integrated elastic straps that allow freedom to breathe and move while you’re in action.

What Pack Should I Pick?

MTB Hydro comes in three different storage sizes, all tailored for specific needs and situations.

MTB HYDRO 3L – The super lightweight absolute minimalist hydration pack comes with an external detachable organizer pocket for your favorite multi-tools, and food. Total of 3 liters of storage. If you're going full on race mode, just clip off the organizer pocket to go with the absolute minimum necessary such as hydration, your phone and a set of dry layer. It comes with a 2.0L/ 70oz Elite™ hydration bladder, enough to keep you going for a 3-4 hour ride.

MTB HYDRO 8L – The middle range pack where you have extra hydration capacity and enough space to carry your favorite multi-tools, some extra gear, food, and dry sets of clothing to keep you going all day. Total of 8 liters of storage. It has a smart helmet carry system and external straps for an extra jacket or armor. In the MTB Hydro 8L we put a large 3.0L/ 100oz Elite hydration bladder for a full day of riding.

MTB HYDRO 12L – The biggest pack in the family offering 12L of storage, several smart and functional storage solutions for your dry layers, food and gear and a large 3.0L/ 100oz Elite hydration bladder to keep you going for a full day on the saddle.

NDM 1.2 Harness Technology

Award winning NDM harness. 

It is the unique shape and suspension of our No Dancing Monkey™ (NDM) harness systems that make our packs 100% bounce free. Its construction allows you to snug the packs really tight to the body, without affecting your breathing capacity or body movement. It is almost like wearing no pack at all.

NDM 1.2

The harness has our NDM tech buckle which easily clicks in place for an absolute snug and secure fit. It also comes equipped with integrated elastic straps that expand along with the chest during physical exertion, allowing a constant tight and compliant fit giving you freedom to breathe and move in action. It’s all super adjustable to give you that perfect tailored for you feel.

• NDM Buckle

Secure. One hand operation.

• 4-point suspension

It allows freedom to breath and move

• Multi-size (dual) adjustment loops

Super adjustable from M-XL

• Adjustable Padded Velcro Straps

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