Our journey started with designing a backpack like no other. The 4-point attachment system with the buckle in the middle forms a cross on the chest. For us everything started with the backpack and No Dancing Monkey™. Now we are taking the X to other areas.


Since the dawn of the traditional backpack, people all over the world have experienced the same uncomfortable sensation. Like there is a monkey that makes the pack bounce up and down and swing from side to side.

For decade, the industry has tried to stop the monkeys but with very limited success. Of course, we are not talking about real life monkeys. But we think it’s the perfect way to explain the difference between a USWE pack and the traditional backpacks. That´s why we call our patented harness technology  “No Dancing Monkey™".

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We Changed the Game Of Winter Packs

Thermo Cell is our technology that prevents your hydration from freezing. When having your hydration tube in the Thermo Cell pocket, it keeps warm with the help of your body heat and multilayer insulation. Tested and proved in the most extreme nordic winter climates. Trust us, it works.

Revolutionary Thermocell Harness Technology


Award winning anti-freeze harness technologyAward winning anti-freeze harness technology

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