Sam Sunderland (GBR)

Sam Sunderland have been riding the tracks of the British motocross scene since he was seven quickly getting a reputation as an accomplished desert rider and becoming somewhat of a international superstar. His first major victory came in 2011 when he won two stages of the Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge and three others in the Australasian Safari. In 2012 Sam at just 22 years old participated in his first Dakar rally. A race that he during day one had great success in but had to cancel due to electrical problems. During the years to come Sam had great success when racing the Dakar rallys but always had to quit due to different problems. But as a true weekend warrior he kept racing and worked harder. And even though he wasn't able to finish the Dakar Rallys  his talent did not go unnoticed when he joined the KTM family in in 2014. Sam stayed determined to win and in 2017 he managed to take his first title with his first ever Dakar finish, becoming the first British Dakar champion in the process.


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USWE Team since: 2016

Discipline: Rally Raid

Hometown: Southampton, GBR