Laia Sanz (ESP)

Laia Sanz is one of the top female Dakar racers. Her love for riding started at four years old riding her older brothers bike. She started to compete at the age of seven, and she may have finished last out of the eight participants. But the rush from competing made her want to race again even more. Sanz won her first unofficial edition of the European Women's Trials Championship in 1998. Two years later Laia Sanz won the male category of the Spanish National Trial Championship as well as her first Women's World Trials title and the Women's Trial des Nations. After that Sanz picked up five consecutive doubles of the World Cup and European Trial from 2002 to 2006 dominating the scene. Then returned to dominating again after taking a short break in 2007 and continued her winning streak between 2008 to 2011. Sanz has collected a big amount of wins during her career. In total she have won 13 times in the Women's World Trial Championship, 10 times in Women's Trial European Championship and six times in the Women's Trial des Nations. Sanz have set the reputation to be the fastest women in every Dakar she has competed in, and her best Dakar result is ninth overall in 2015. She remains the only female to finish inside the Top 10 of the toughest rally-raid on the planet.


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USWE Team since: 2014

Discipline: Rally Raid

Hometown: Corbera de Llobregat, ESP