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Winter Hydration Backpack
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The NORDIC 10 is the perfect winter backpack that’s developed for the long and cold adventures, when XC-skiing, Running and Mountain biking. The pack comes with 10 liters of storage in total, including a 2.0L hydration bladder and our revolutionary Thermo Cell insulation technology that eliminates freezing of the drink tube and bite valve even in the most extreme weather conditions.



The Thermo Cell is a multilayer insulation cover that reflects the body heat from physical activities via a thin mesh membrane on the inside of the pocket, where the drink tube and bite valves is being stored. A cold & wind proof cover shields the pocket from the outside.


Used in this way the body heat feeds the Thermo Cell with thermal energy and prevents the drink tube and bite valve from freezing.


This technology has been successfully tested in -26 °C / -15 °F cold temperature, with a final result measured at +19 °C / +56 °F inside the Thermo Cell pocket where the hydration tube was stored.

The NORDIC is also equipped with a thermal function for the hydration bladder itself. During the winter, many athletes heat their hydration before the activity to avoid drinking ice-cold hydration. Therefore, NORDIC comes with a hydration bladder that can withstand temperatures up to +60 °C / +140 °F and with an outer layer based on the same technology as Thermo Cell on the front of the backpack.


Heat the hydration to about +35 °C / +95 °F and it stays above +7,5 °C / +46 °F for at least 4 hours. This is the test results in an extreme cold weather of -26 °C / -15 °F.


  • Exterior Outer layer: Insulation cover for drink tube & bite valve. Stops all wind speed and keeps the cold out
  • Exterior Inner layer: Heat reflective material with the function of reflecting up to 100% thermal radiation
  • Inside: Tightly sealed mesh membrane that permits maximum body heat



The NORDIC 10 is designed with the NDM 4-point harness system that deliver a perfect bounce free individual fit. The stretch in the chest straps expands along with the chest during physical exertion, allowing a constant tight and compliant fit.


The shoulder straps are ergonomically designed for an even and smooth distribution of the backpack over the shoulders. Together, the chest and shoulder straps form this unique NDM 4-point front system that is connected with a rotatable quick-release buckle that securely holds the entire backpack in place.


NDM Harness System

  • 100% Bounce free
  • Patented technology
  • 4-point harness system with stretch
  • Perfect individual fit
More Information
Pack type Winter Hydration Backpack
Activity Nordic Skiing, Alpine Skiing
User Unisex
Pack Weight 510g (*excl. bladder)
Dimensions 40L / 17W / 11D (CM)
Total Volume 10L
Hydration Capacity 2,0L / 70 oz
Hydration System Elite Hydration Bladder with Plug-n-Play Coupling
Tube Attachment Tube Clip: Keeps your tube in a secure position
Hydration Tube Type Hydraflex Drink Tube
Harness System NDM Race Harness
Back Panel Lightweight mesh back panel
Shoulder Straps Thermo Cell insulation shoulder strap
Bladder Sleeve Compression sleeve keeps bladder in tight and secure position
LED-Light Attachment Easy and secure attachment for bike LED-light
Reflective Points Visual reflective points: Front & Back
Number Of Pockets 7
Action Camera Harness Compatible No


We measure the size of our NDM 1.0 harness by using the "Chest Circumference" measurement. It's very easy to check your measurement and match it to the size of each pack. You simply measure 360 degrees around your chest under your breast (See picture for reference).


Torso Size: 41-55cm / 33-43”




When you set up your product for the first time the harness will be set on the outer size loop option (the size loops are located where the stretch connect to the backpack). If a smaller size is needed make sure to use the inner size loop. After checking the size loop setting you start by using the horizontal velcro straps. Simply grab the velcro strap on both sides at the same time, breathe in and set the strap where it fits.



Step 2: After setting the horizontal velcro straps you might have a perfect fit already. If you're for example a women with a larger chest or use a chest protector you might also need to change the vertical velcrop straps. If that's needed simply grab the velcro straps and set them at a goog lenght. For women we recommend using these straps at a lower strap setting. We also recommend placing the straps underneath the breast for better comfort for women.



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