USWE has the bounce free, lightweight backpack that you need for your commute runs. Our packs are designed to reduce the bounce on your back and to carry your essentials while running to work. But anyway, commute running, what’s that?

It's actually not at all complicated. It's running to and/or back from work. This trend is increasing, and we want to share some tips and tricks to get you started. We also want to inspire you to buy our backpack, but that's another story. Or at least, that's just the last part of this article. Soooo... if you just are into some tips and tricks to start Run Commuting, here you are!


Bring your essentials, our commute pack and the right attitude and you will be flying to work.



The best thing about commute running is that you are saving time and the environment, as well as money. At the same time you are building your running shape or getting your daily exercise, while transporting yourself to work. Can it be any better!? In many big cities, you can also save time by running instead of getting stuck in traffic. But in all cases you will save time by exercising to work, instead of getting home, changing and getting out for an evening run. Here are some tips and tricks for you.


1)    Planning

As boring as it sounds, planning will help you a lot. It will make your run more comfortable and more like real running. I mean, who wants to hike to work? It´s running commute you are looking for, isn’t it?

Leave a towel, work clothes, shoes and toiletries at your workplace. What if your workplace doesn’t have a shower? Well then run home from work, rather than to work. If you are planning to run both to work and home again, it might be a good idea to have an extra dry shirt at work.


Vertical 10L on the way to work.


2)    Pack your bag

Bring your lunch box, a snack, your mobile, keys, wallet. That’s ideal. Please, don’t bring your computer and your charger. Any weight you can save is positive. Anything else? It depends on your running distance, weather conditions and how badass you are. Some people just need more comfort than others. 


3)    What about bringing your computer?

Don’t bring your computer. Just leave it at work! Do you really need to carry it with you all the time? All days a week?


4)    Best advice for all of you that think "planning sucks", and really need the computer every evening

First of all, convince your boss to get you the smallest and thinnest laptop on the market. And get an extra charger to leave at work. Then, get the best backpack on the market and start the packing. You might be able to save some weight while switching the lunch box for a credit card. But, the bag will still be quite heavy. You might need to adjust to the weight for some weeks, before the run will be a run and not a hike.


5)    What if you are just living too far from work?

Well, you better become an ultra runner or you can just pretend… Take the train or the car for part of the distance, and run for as long as you like.

Not everyday will be sunshine and flowers. But, if you run everyday to work, there will be some days with just the perfect conditions.


6)    Choose your bag

Google around and you will be advised to choose a bag that is lightweight and is reducing bounce. We believe that our Bounce Free packs with the patented No Dancing Monkey™  Harness Design - is the ONLY backpack which is really Bounce Free! And of course USWE´s backpacks are light weight, as they are designed and developed together with passionate action sports weekend warriors.


We belive that the USWE Vertical Series of packs is the best out there when it comes to commute running. The harness system is developed for extreme mountain running conditions and you can easily carry your essentials with these packs. If you need to bring your computer, you should have a close look at our Heavy duty packs.



The Vertical family was created on the foundation of stability and consistency. Thy are built on our patented award winning harness suspension technology, and are totally bounce free in action. They are equipped with a 4-Point harness system and provides a perfect fit. The Vertical family stretches from 4 liter up to 10 and they are just sooo good for commute running!



The Explorer and Prime series, are both equipped with our Heavy Duty Suspension harness. This technology eliminates the need of any kind of hip belt. Just add a good measure of adventure and you’re good to go!

These booth big guys are well suited for running with the computer and your work clothes. The Prime is also equipped with a laptop sleeve. Both packs are equipped with an external rain cover.

We therefore truly believe that our packs are the best out there for commute runs. But, the choice is yours. You have to try it for yourself!