The Red Bull Tennessee Knockout Extreme Enduro 2022 just went off, and USWE where there to enjoy the mayhem. Out of all the riders, amateurs and pros, USWE stands out as the go-to-brand for hydration packs.


Why? If you are a USWE rider you probably know the answer. If you aren’t… It’s sure about time to be one.

The TKO is a Hard Enduro competition, which is a more extreme type of enduro race going through extremely rough tracks into mountains and woods on difficult terrain. These competitions usually run over multiple days with 3-8 hours of riding every single day.


Have you ever ridden in Tennessee in August? Even the crowd at this event are wearing USWE packs to stay hydrated. For the riders it’s not a choice. They just need to hydrate during the race. Besides water, the athletes also bring energy bars, gels, first aid kit, cellphone, and a couple of multitools for their bike if anything needs fixing on the track.

Over Half of the Riders Choose USWE

We were quite proud to see that over half of the riders during the TKO 2022 where riding with USWE packs. But not surprised! After all, It is the best hydration pack you can get.


It’s the unique shape and suspension of our No Dancing Monkey™ (NDM) harness system that makes our packs 100% bounce free.

Its construction allows you to snug the packs tight to the body, without affecting your breathing capacity or body movement. It’s almost like wearing no pack at all.

The Most Popular USWE Packs for Enduro are the RAW.


The Outlander collection are all superlight hydration backpacks streamlined to go fast in any endurance category. 

OUTLANDER 3L - The minimalistic pack with a total storage of 3L with a 1.5L / 50oz Elite hydration bladder and an external organizer pocket. If you want to go extra light you can pop off the organizer pocket, perfect for racing.

OUTLANDER 4L - This is the slim king of hydration backpacks that carries a big 3,0L / 100 oz Elite hydration bladder for rides when you primary needs a lot of hydration.

OUTLANDER 9L - All-day performance hydration daypack with 9 liters of storage for hydration and gear. Comes equipped with a 3.0 100 oz liter Elite hydration bladder.

When going on gnarly enduro ride, you need a reliable and solid hydration pack that’s offering you the perfect bounce free fit during the whole ride.

RAW 3L -The super lightweight absolute minimalist hydration pack comes with an external detachable organizer pocket for your favorite multi-tools, and food. Total of 3 liters of storage. And when you're going full on race mode, just clip off the organizer pocket to go with the absolute minimum necessary such as hydration, your phone and a set of dry layers. It comes with a 2.0L/ 70oz Elite hydration bladder.

RAW 4L - This is the slim king of hydration backpacks that carries a big 3,0L / 100 oz Elite hydration bladder for rides when you primary need is a lot of hydration.

RAW 8L -The middle range pack where you have extra hydration capacity and enough space to carry your favorite multi-tools, some extra gear, food, and dry sets of clothing to keep you going all day. The RAW 8L offers a total of 8 liters of storage, including a large 3.0L/ 100oz Elite hydration bladder for a full day of riding.

RAW 12L –The biggest pack in the family offering 12L of storage, several smart and functional storage solutions for your dry layers, food and gear and a large 3.0L/ 100oz Elite hydration bladder to keep you going for a full day on the saddle.

Helmet Handsfree Kit / With Drink Tube, Quick Connector & Velcro Attachment

The Helmet Handsfree Kit gives the rider quick access to hydration inside the helmet. The product is a 100% handsfree solution making it easier and safer to hydrate while riding. Using the handsfree hydration system means that the rider will be able to drink more frequently, staying hydrated and focused at all times.

The product includes a drink tube, bite valve, seal coupling set and attachment device for the helmet. It's compatible with full face helmets with removable/washable race fit inner liner. 

See you guys next year!





Produkter som används på denna typ av Hard Enduro Race:

Hard Enduro är en extremare form av kategorin Enduro, som körs på extremt tuff bansträckning över berg och i skog med svår terräng. Ofta körs denna typ av tävling över flera dagar med 3-8 timmars körtid per dag. Extremt konditions och skyrkekrävande. Pga av denna tävlingsform behöver förarna en vätskeryggsäck med tillgång till 2-3 liters vätskebehållare för att undvika att drabbas av vätskebrist under tävlingen. Ibland på vissa extrema lopp så tvingas förarna att byta vätskeryggsäck halvvägs in under tävlingsdagen om de behöver ännu mer vätska. Förövrigt så vill förarna ofta också ha med sig i sin ryggsäck energigels/bars, salta nötter (motverka kramp), förstaförband kit, mobiltelefon och några små multiverktyg till sin motorcykel om ngt enkelt måste fixas ute på banan. 

Dom mest populära USWE ryggorna hos Enduro målgruppen är OUTLANDER 3L, 4L och 9L samt RAW 3L, 4L, 8L och 12L. 


Outlander 3L = 3L förvaring inkl. 1,5L vätskebehållare 

Outlander4L = 4L förvaring inkl. 3,0L vätskebehållare 

Outlander 9L = 9L förvaring inkl. 1,5L vätskebehållare 


Raw 3L = 3L förvaring inkl. 2,0L vätskebehållare 

Raw 4L = 4L förvaring inkl. 3,0L vätskebehållare 

Raw 8L = 8L förvaring inkl. 3,0L vätskebehållare 

Raw 12L = 12L förvaring inkl. 3,0L vätskebehållare