The ŠKODA Titan Desert Morocco 2022 returns to its essence to what has always been its hallmark: the infinite desert. 

So when our two crazy amigos (athletes) Carlos Martinez and Juan Ma Furio wanted to give this race a try, we at USWE didn’t blink for a second. YES, of course we wanted to be involved in their Titan Desert Morocco 2022 project, a great adventure of insane weather conditions during six days of marathon racing for a total of 645 kilometers.

Two Happy Dudes Who Love Crazy MTB Adventures

You might recognize these two ”loud" Spanish speaking amigos from the social media bike communities! Juan Ma Furio @juanma_furio and Carlos Martínez @marttinoficial are both USWE family members, where both guys are doing pretty much everything that includes endurance and action.

These dudes always have a big smile on their faces and they never pull back from any insane adventure. Even though you might not understand the Spanish language, their ” never give up” spirit and enthusiasm shines through the language barrier, and that's why we just couldn't resist to work with them. That’s passion!

More Than a Race

The ŠKODA Titan Desert Morocco 2022 is much more than just an MTB marathon race, it's 6 days of constant challenges, daily self-improvement and continuous conversations with your deepest self that you will never forget.

The total race distance is 645 kilometers with 5825 meters of climbing, in the desert. This isn’t an easy ”walk in the park” adventure. Bringing hydration, food and gear is not only necessary for this race, its mandatory.

Staying Hydrated

The rules say that all riders must carry minimum 3 liters of hydration and a number of selected safety and personal equipment at all the stages of the race. So, for this type of big race adventure, we equipped both Carlos and Juan with our MTB Hydro 8L. A lightweight hydration pack developed for long distance and self-supplied MTB marathon racing. The pack has a total storage of 8L, including a 3L hydration bladder, a large main compartment and several smart, functional organization pockets and sleeves.

CARLOS & JUAN Video Reports From Their Desert Adventure 

Follow our Brave heroes with their daily updates as they become the Titans of the Titan Desert Morocco 2022!

Stage 1

Distance: 119km
Climb: 852m

Loop stage to the west of Erg Chebbi. A quick start leading to the second, more twisty route through the canyons until they reach large open areas where they will face their return to the starting point.

Stage 2
Merzouga – Ksar Jdaid


A true desert stage. Fast tracks, with some sandy sections and others rockier. This is the first sector of the marathon stage, so they must carry what they need to spend the night without any type of assistance or comfort.

stage 3
Ksar Jdaid–Fezzou


The longest stage of this Titan, with a variety of terrain and with two big climbs that make up the Skoda Challenge 2022.

Fast sections, dunes, technical climbs and off-piste tracks are the menu of this epic stage. Second sector of the marathon, at the end of the stage they will be able to rest for the night in a camp.

Stage 4
Fezzou–Erg Chebbi


A stage that runs through large plains with long straights. The second part takes our heroes through small canyons and the crossing of a large chott that will take them back to the dunes to the final part of the day.

A long day so bringing at least 3L of hydration is key.

Stage 5
Erg Chebbi – Erg Chebbi


A stage with a passage through dunes and the first navigation part, which means they must find your own way in the desert.
The second part runs through a rocky area with steep ups and downs that give way to tracks in good condition that leave them at the finish line.

Stage 6
Erg Chebbi–Maadid


First part through wide and somewhat sandy tracks, after which the terrain changes and becomes very rocky in a constant climb.

The last part of the stage has the descent of a short but technical path after which they reach a great route that will take them to the finish line, making our heroes Titans.