GRIT - Episode 5 - Deception


Anyone who said that this day was easy, was lying! Stage 4 was a big changeup from the past days. It was wet, muddy and tons of rocks, total chaos! And our athletes loved it. Going for 82km on the trails of Greyton with a climb of 1650 meters you must remember; when you’re hurting ascending that huge hill, everyone else does too! See how our athletes were deceived and must go in expecting nothing.



Stage 4

On the last day of the trails of Greyton our athletes get introduced to the region’s spectacular trails. A quick warm-up on the district road before going into the mountains above Genadendal, and then full focus is needed as you get to the raw and rugged singletracks.

Greyton, Luislang and Mad dog are all free flowing, while Bakenskop truly is not. A thrilling trail which will go down in history as our athletes has to push a 9-kilometre-long ascent, ridgeline traverse and descent.

After all that, its uphill once more as they ascend the UFO Climb before the last singletrack descent returns them to the Riviersonderend Valley for one last race back to the Elandskloof village.

Team Canyon Northwave MTB wearing the yellow shirt (hydrated by the Outlander Pro)
Ariane Lüthi Giving that smile even when totally exhausted after the race. That's what its all about!
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