Our packs are all designed and tested for the most grueling adventures. If you have tried them yourself, you probably know by heart. But, did you know that our CEO is doing some of the most extreme testing himself as the captain in the USWE Adventure Team?

USWE Adventure team at the World Championship in Adventure Racing.

Last week the best adventure racing teams in the world gathered in Paraguay for the World Championships in Adventure Racing. The ARWC, a 5 day nonstop adventure race consisting of running, mountainbiking and paddling. Teams of 4 need to stick together for the whole race in order to be ranked.

In 2019 the USWE Adventure Team claimed 1st position in the World Series Race in Croatia using two different prototype backpacks that where eventually released in 2020 as the Hajker 30L and the Hajker PR0 30L. For the 2022 race the team were testing two new packs, the Hajker ULTRA 30L and the Pace 14L (be sure to be on the lookout for these in the near future).  All designed for the most extreme adventures with features that are specific for the long race needs.

“When we design our packs the most important feature is to make the packs suitable for actual running. Not just hiking… If the packs perform with 8kg of weight while running, the pack will work for any activity. The stress and the bouncing when running in the mountains is the best test for any pack”

- Jacob Westerberg CEO of USWE and team captain of USWE Adventure Team. 

An Epic Adventure

The race in Paraguay started Saturday and the USWE Adventure Team set out for the 122km first running stage with the packs all set for at least 30h of running.

The next stage was set in the Rio Paraguay with an almost 100km of paddling followed by 80km of MTB, 35km of trekking, 74km of MTB, another 33km of trekking, 92km of MTB and finally before hitting the finish line a 20km trekk.

80 teams started the race and the USWE Adventure Team claimed an impressive 6th position. The team covered almost 550km of jungle, rivers, trails and gravel roads in 125h of racing with only 5h of sleep.

“I think it’s a must for all outdoor designers to be close to the activities that they are designing products for. For us, we have top management understanding all the requirements in details, this makes our designers allow themselves to take things even further.” 

- Jacob Westerberg, CEO USWE Sports AB.

A taste of the race.

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Or check out the one of the videos from the race. In this one our team hits the finish line in the Adventure Racing World Championships 2022.

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Accessories Worn During the Race

Phone Pocket

The Team also deckes out their packs with double phone pockets, attachable at the chest straps for items you need quick access too. (You can of course stuff anything you want in the pocket, not just your phone).


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