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Hydration Backpack for Dirt Bike riding

When going on that full day Off-Road adventure or the intense race you need a reliable and sturdy pack that's lightweight enough to ride with. The pack has to stay put on your back without bouncing and messing with your balance and it has to feel comfortable even in the most extreme terrain. The Rangers lightweight mesh back panel reduces the weight of the pack, while the Plug-n-Play Hydration Bladder and clips for the drinking tube will keep you hydrated all through your race while having zero bounce with No Dancing Monkey™ 1.0 harness - our patented 4-point suspension tech for an absolute secure and tight fit.

Zero Bounce With the No Dancing Monkey™ Harness

The unique elastic 4-points traps allows you to snug the pack real tight to the body without it affecting your breathing capacity, balance, or freedom to move. The shoulder straps are ergonomically designed for an even and smooth distribution of the pack over the shoulders. It’s all adjustable to give you the perfect fit tailored for you. It is almost like wearing no pack at all!

NDM 1.0 Harness Technology

What Pack Should I Pick?


Ranger comes in three different storage solutions, all tailored for specific needs and situations..

RANGER 3L -  The minimalistic pack with a total storage of 3L with a 2L / 70oz liter Elite hydration bladder and a practical external organizer pocket. If you want to go extra light you can pop off the organizer pocket, perfect for racing.

RANGER 4L - Lightweight but with a lot of hydration capacity. The Ranger 4 comes equipped with a 3,0L Elite hydration bladder, perfect for fast 2-4 hours racing with its slim profile fit.

RANGER 9L - A slim and solid all-day performance hydration daypack with 9 liters of storage for hydration and gear. It comes equipped with a 3.0 liter / 100 oz Elite hydration bladder.

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