Hajker Pro

Rolltop Daypack developed for Speed Hiking and Adventure Racing

When we decided to size up and do bigger adventure/speed hiking backpacks for all conditions, we didn't hold back. Our starting point was to develop a backpack for the most challenging adventures and we think we nailed it!

HAJKER PRO is a waterproof performance daypack, with a Rolltop opening and plenty of smart storage solutions for gnarly expeditions. The packs are made for highspeed activities and is equipped with our bounce free No Dancing Monkey™ 2.1 harness system and waist support belt that makes the packs stay put on your back without cramping your style, making you go longer and explore further.

An added bonus is that you can detach the waist belt, making it a lightweight hip-pack for short hikes.

The HAJKER PRO is equipped with the extra add-on features such as the super durable ROBIC + UHMWPE EXTREEMA NYLON fabric (for extreme conditions), 2x extra zipped side pockets and a removable inner drysack (can be used on its own). The HAJKER PRO is the daypack of your choice if you want absolutely nothing standing in your way.


  • Zero bounce with No Dancing Monkey™ 2.0 + Snug Me – Harness developed and tested with top athletes to give you the perfect fit with no compromises, with absolutely no bounce.
  • NDM Buckle - Technical buckle for a more secure closure and a better fit.
  • 2-in-1 - The waist belt can be used on its own, perfect as a lightweight hip-pack for short rides
  • Waterproof – Rolltop opening and removable waterproof dry bag to keep your gear safe from all kinds of weather.
  • 30L of total storage – fit everything you need for a full day of adventure
  • Super durable – ROBIC + UHMWPE EXTREEMA NYLON fabric for the most extreme conditions

NDM 2.1 + Thermo Cell

With the No Dancing Monkey™ 2.1 harness systemyou get extra stability with the added belt around the waist when you need to carry heavier equipment in your pack. The stretch in the chest straps expands along with the chest during physical exertion, allowing a constant tight and compliant fit. The shoulder straps are ergonomically designed for comfortable and smooth distribution over the shoulders and the back panel that can easily be adjusted up and down for individual fit and size which makes the pack feel tailored for your body.

• NDM Buckle

Secure. One hand operation.

• Weight support shoulder straps with Thermo Cell technology

for reduced pressure on the shoulders and insulation to keep your drink tube from freezing

• Ventitlated Multi-size back panel

Ventilated multi-size back panel, easily adjustable to your size to find you the perfect fit. Multisize: M-XXL

• Adjustable Elastic Straps

Fit it snuggly to your chest

• Removable Hip Belt

Can be taken off for an even lighter pack or worn seperately.

Thermo Cell Technology

Thermo Cell is equipped with a multilayer insulation cover that reflects the heat on the inside and shields from the cold and wind from the outside. By its design, the Thermo Cell closes tightly to the body and a thin mesh membrane permits maximum body heat to pass through. Used in this way the body heat feeds the Thermo Cell with thermal energy. Smart!

Thermo Cell encapsulates heat from physical activity in an insulating air pocket that protects the tube and bite valve from freezing even in the most extreme winter conditions. Therefore, we have chosen to provide both shoulder straps on the NORDIC, HAJKER, POW and BRANT backpacks with Thermo Cell so that you get the option of choosing which side you want to have the tube in tube, or having tubes on both sides (double hydration bladders). Or optional, why not store gels and bars that you easily reach on-the-go in the pocket you don't use.


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Revolutionary Thermocell Harness Technology


What Pack Should I Pick?

HAJKER PRO comes in three (3x) different sizes:

HAJKER PRO 18 – Super solid fabrics and a pack volume that offers optimal storage to keep you going lightweight and superfast for the day.

Hajker PRO 24 -Super solid fabrics and a pack volume  that offers optimal storage to keep you going for the day while remaining light weight.

HAJKER PRO 30 –Super solid fabrics and extra storage for longer expeditions.


HAJKER comes in three (3x) different sizes:

Hajker 18 - Optimal storage to keep you going lightweight and superfast for the day.

Hajker 24 - Optimal storage to keep you going for the day while remaining light weight.

Hajker 30 -Extra storage for longer expeditions

Hajker Winter -The Thermo-Cell equipped daypack, enabling you to go speed hiking during the coldest conditions without your hydration freezing

Hajker + Hajker Pro - NDM 2.1

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