Front Strap Kit / NDM 2.0 & SnugMe

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    The Front Strap Kit / 2.0 & Snug Me is the perfect replacement for an old or broken harness or just to transform your winter style backpack into a summer edition. The exchange is super easy. The chest straps can easily be detached from the harness and then then you just need to detach it from the velcro that holds it to the backplate.

    This product is compatible with the following models:

    • Pow
    • Shred
    • Flow
    • Core
    • Carve
    • Watt

    It is the unique shape and suspension of our No Dancing Monkey™ (NDM) harness systems that make our packs 100% bounce free. It's construction allows you to snug the packs really tight to the body, without affecting your breathing capacity or body movement. It is almost like wearing no pack at all.

    NDM 2.0 + Snug-Me

    The shoulder and waist traps are an all - in - one system, embracing your torso and waist when pulling the waist straps. The stretch in the chest straps expands along with the chest during physical exertion, allowing a constant tight and compliant fit. The shoulder straps are ergonomically designed for a comfortable and smooth distribution of the backpack over the shoulders and the back panel that can easily be adjusted up and down for individual fit and size makes the pack feel tailored for your body. The NDM + Snug-Me harness system makes you feel buckled - up without cramping your style

    • NDM Buckle

    Secure. One hand operation.

    • Weight Support Shoulder Straps

    reduced pressure on the shoulders and to allow full body movement and better breathing capacity.

    • Ventilated Multi-Size Back Panel

    Easily adjustable bto your size to find you the perfect fit.

    • Snug-Me Integrated Elastic Straps

    Easily adjustable to your size to find you the perfect fit.


    With the NDM 2.1 harness we measure the size by using the "Torso Size" Measurement. It's actually it’s super easy to make your own size measurement and check if a pack works for you. All you have to do is measure your body height from your hip bone to your shoulders/collarbone (See picture below). You'll find the "Torso Fit Range" in the specifications tab.




    Step 1: The harness is attached to the backplate using velcro, detach the harness to reveal multiple harness size markings stemming from 1-10. Use these markings as a guide and test your way to the correct setting. Taller or bigger people usually find the best setting around 5-10 and shorter people usually find a good fit at 1-5. For women the harness settings could be slightly different. Always try aligning the buckle under the chest for optimal support and if you have a larger chest try using a larger harness setting.




    Step 2:Once you've found the perfect harness setting you're almost done. Now all you need to do is tighten the chest straps until comfortable, close the waist belt buckle and tighten the straps to your pleasing, the straps are elastic and should give a smooth and comfortable fit.


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