Giant Loop - Brought to you by USWE

For the longer rides. For the heavy gear. Strap the stuff on your bike.

Some gear are best strapped directly on the bike and other stuff sits best in the backpack. To combine them we are providing two specialist brands to do the job. USWE for the No Dancing Monkey backpacks and hydration packs. Giant Loop for the premium expedition packing systems for the bike. The combination is ideal, for any adventure. Thats why we decided to join forces and to work together. And thats why we are providing a selection of the Giant Loop gear at the USWE website. 


Giant Loop provides premium expedition packing systems and gear for motorcycling and other vehicle-based adventures. Inspired by the experience of riders worldwide, Giant Loop designs products for travel, discovery, and exploration.

They believe lighter and simpler is better because riding is more fun when unnecessary weight and bulk are removed. They focus on what’s needed to serve a product’s mission: no extra straps or buckles, no everything-but-the-kitchen-sink designs. Each product is purpose-built to enhance the riding experience.

Discover a new world of adventure with modular and customizable packing systems that require little more than plug-and-play enjoyment.

Go Light. Go Fast. Go Far.

Giant Loop Zigzag Handlebar Bag

The glove box for your motorcycle! The Zigzag handlebar bag is Giant Loops smallest bag yet also one of their most popular. Sometimes you only need the basics like your wallet, phone, registration, and other small items, and no matter what you’re riding, whether it’s a dirt bike, dual sport, scooter or snowmobile, the Zigzag handlebar bag delivers quick and easy access to the basics.

Giant Loop Possibles Pouch

With 3.5-liters of packable volume, the super-rugged, universal roll-top Possibles Pouch provides enough capacity to carry a set of tire irons, spare tube, compressor, tools, and other small offroad essentials.

Giant Loop MoJavi Saddlebag

The MoJavi is a rackless, rugged saddlebag designed to transport the essentials on aggressive, off-road rides by carrying gear on your bike. Combine the MoJavi with a USWE hydration pack or a USWE daypack  and you are set for any adventure. 

Take a load off and improve rider endurance and comfort by transferring weight from the backpack to your motorcycle with the rackless MoJavi Saddlebag Motorcycle Luggage System. Adventure Proof, sewn construction uses rugged materials and resists water, mud, snow and dust. Straps on and stays on—no matter what.

Giant Loop Fender Bag/Number Plate Bag

Possibly the ONLY water, dust, mud, and snowproof fender bag + number plate bag on the market today! Giant Loop’s adventure-proof version offers a roll top design and secure connection options for most dirt bike plastics that, when properly installed, stays on no matter what the adventure.


Giant Loop Lift Strap

The Giant Loop Lift Strap might be the best dollars any singletrack trail rider ever spends by providing a sturdy grab handle to help tug, pull, or lift the motorcycle through tough spots on the trail, over obstacles, and out of mud holes. With its durable nylon webbing and comfortable molded rubber grab handle, each strap securely attaches to any motorcycle or snow bike’s fork tubes and to the tail of many dual sport motorcycles.

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