Warm Changing Robe

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    Makes you move and look like a pro

    We made this robe into a stowable changing robe, small when you fold it, oversized when you wear it. The thin waterproof fabric with taped seems keeps you dry and protected from the wind and rain before and after your big race. The inside of the robe is designed with a comfy microfiber liner that gives you the sensation of a high end microfiber towel. The robe will dry you up after a wet race and keep you warm before the next one.

    Use it before race start or training and directly after crossing the finish line. Don’t use it during races. But, be aware. You will be longing for it during your hardest, coldest, wettest, and most ugly races.

    How to use it as a changing room?

    The robe is totally oversized with the intention to provide a portable changing room. You just slip into the robe, zip it up and slide your arms inside and get your wet race gear off. But, remember to put some dry clothes on before opening the robe again.

    How to feel like a superstar?

    Get the robe on! It is easy. Just put the hood on, lower your chin and get your hands in the best badass position you can think of. That’s it !

    The choice of fabrics

    We used the most premium fabrics to make sure that the Warm Changing Robe will be an absolute beast at keeping you both warm and dry. The outer layer will make sure no water gets in while the lining will keep you toasty. Still the robe is stowable and small when in your backpack.

    The Key Features

    It’s the perfect portable changing room. Waterproof and wind proof. It has taped seems and comfy microfiber inside. It comes with two lined pockets to keeps your hands warm. The 2-way zipper can easily be operated from both outside and inside. The chest pocket can store your phone and can be removed as it´s attached to the robe with a velcro back side. Move the pocket to your Buddy 40L backpack (LÄNK). And.. best of all. Personalize the chest with patches of your choice.

    Why it Kicks Ass

    Have you ever been standing in the rain before a race, freezing your ass off? Shivering, trying to focus. Trying to stay motivated. This waterproof robe keeps you warm, dry and most important, it makes you look and move lite a pro.

    Make it Your Own

    The Warm Changing robe features a removable chest pocket. Customize and make it your own with a patch instead.



    • Warm changing robe
    • Waterproof with taped seems
    • Inner micro fleece high end liner
    • 2x Generous lined front pockets to keep your hands toasty
    • Large Hood
    • Concealed waterproof removable pocket on the chest
    • Customizable with patches
    • 2-way zipper
    • Back Ventilation


    100% Nylon shell 2 layer (membrane).

    Lined with microfiber polyester in 90% Polyester and 10% Polyamide

    PFC Free DWR on surface. (Flourcarbone free)


    Not your average fit, IT’S BIG! Its oversized and it makes you look cool.

    S/M: Best fit if you are 150-180cm

    L/XL: If you are 180cm and taller this is your size

    S/M: Best fit if you are 150-180cm

    L/XL: If you are 180cm and taller this is your size

    Care Instructions

    Remember to use this piece of garment as often as possible, as hard as you can and with maximum effort. Occasionally, however, for respect of your fellow riders and runners, you should wash it up. The care instructions are also printed on a label on the garment. However we made this label removable. You should just tear it off as quickly as possible to prevent any risk of chafing. If you forgot the instructions and lost the tab, the care instructions are as follows:

    • Machine wash 40°C
    • Do not bleach
    • Tumble dry cool
    • Do not iron
    • Do not dry clean
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