When Going Off-trail Your Focus Should be on the Adventure

That’s why we equipped our new alpine packs with a RECCO reflector, providing a way to be searchable by professional rescue teams in the event of an avalanche accident or if lost in the outdoors. The RECCO reflector adds no extra weight or bulk to your pack.


How does it work?

RECCO detectors are a standard rescue tool for rescue teams and mountain patrollers worldwide. RECCO SAR helicopter detectors are new and used in a growing number of countries. The reflectors are lightweight passive transponders which require no power or activation to function. They consist of a diode and an antenna. RECCO reflectors are designed to last a lifetime and do not age or wear out. If not mechanically damaged they will last forever.

Rescue team sends signal

The technology is a two-part system, the detector sends out a directional radar signal like the beam of a flash light.

Reflector sends signal back to rescue team

Once the beam of the signal hits the RECCO reflector the signal is echoed back and directs the rescuer to your location

Products with RECCO

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