When you are running full speed on the trails, you need your gear to be reliable and durable. The PULS Trail running collection features a shirt, tank, shorts, sleeves and socks, all designed from the ground up and tested in the field to be unbeatable on the toughest trail running adventures and is a perfect fit with a Pace Hydration Vest or Hajker Ultra fastpacking pack.


When you need to go lightweight for a fast paced adventure the PULS Trail running Shirt won’t let you down. Super lightweight, minimalistic design that has moisture wicking and breathability to keep your focus on moving forward. The high quality SEAQUAL® Polyester is made from 100% recycled materials.

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For the trail running community we’re offering two different styles for shorts in our premium PULS collection. One that's super lightweight with max ventilation and one style that’s a 2 in 1 combo shorts with built-in inner tights for extra comfort.

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PACE Hydration Vest

Hajker Ultra

Calf & Arm Sleeve

Tork Ancle Socks

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