BRANT 35L Ski Touring Daypack


The BRANT 35L SKI TOURING DAYPACK is the perfect choice for a pumped adventure where it’s an epic mix of climbing and high flow descents. The pack is equipped with the bounce free No Dancing Monkey™ (NDM) 2.1 elastic harness system together with a hip-support, that guarantees that the pack provides a super solid and comfy fit in any terrain. As an extra performance feature, the pack comes with a multi-size adjustable heat pressed back panel that allows you a wide range of individual settings. At the shoulder straps there’re an integrated Thermo Cell insulation technology, that will protect your hydration tube and nutrition from freezing even during gnarly winter conditions.

There are 11 pockets in total on the pack, including a big main compartment with a large back zippered access for dry layers and hydration, a top mounted pocket with a zippered closure for easy access essentials, a quick stash pocket and an external zippered pocket, two (2) zippered side pockets at the waist belt for personal items, and a quick access zippered bottom pocket for your avalanche equipment. The pack comes with a diagonal and A-frame ski carrier system, front snowboard fixation system, a stow away ice axe/pole fixation and rope attachment points.

On the shoulder straps there’re an integrated Thermo Cell insulation technology, that will protect your hydration tube and nutrition from freezing even during gnarly winter conditions. The zippered Thermo Cell pockets offers easy access to refuel during steep climbs. Read more about the Thermo Cell technology here.

RECCO is a rescue technology used by organised rescue teams as an additional tool to more quickly locate people buried by an avalanche or lost in the outdoors. The system is based on a harmonic radar system and composed by a detector and a passive reflector integrated into outdoor clothing and gear. Read more about RECCO here.


That's right. Our first pack specifically design with the female frame in mind. It has the same epic volume and features as the mens, just a shorter back plate for a smaller frame. Awesome right?


All of the awesome features as the womens model, just for a longer back.

Thermo Cell Technology

Thermo Cell is equipped with a multilayer insulation cover that reflects the heat on the inside and shields from the cold and wind from the outside. By its design, the Thermo Cell closes tightly to the body and a thin mesh membrane permits maximum body heat to pass through. Used in this way the body heat feeds the Thermo Cell with thermal energy. Smart!

Thermo Cell encapsulates heat from physical activity in an insulating air pocket that protects the tube and bite valve from freezing even in the most extreme winter conditions. Therefore, we have chosen to provide both shoulder straps on the NORDIC, HAJKER, POW and BRANT backpacks with Thermo Cell so that you get the option of choosing which side you want to have the tube in tube, or having tubes on both sides (double hydration bladders). Or optional, why not store gels and bars that you easily reach on-the-go in the pocket you don't use.


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Revolutionary Thermocell Harness Technology


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