Meet “Bad Luck Brian”, a goofy character who’s doing all kind of sports with a lot of passion, but completely without finesse. He’s afraid of speed, heights, water, dust, snow and his own shadow… YES, pretty much everything.



“Bad Luck Brian” is born completely without talent, timing and self confidence.


His biggest dream is to become a supercool athlete just like his two cousins, “Kick-Ass Ryan” and “Awesome Amy”. They nail every sport they do, they’ve got style and finish, and they’re both USWE athletes. Of course!




“Bad Luck Brian” is really-really trying to step-up his skills. But always he´s getting into big trouble because of his damn backpack that’s almost killing him every time he’s in action. The pack, that’s a traditional “other brand” backpack, fits really bad and it’s bouncing on his back and hammering on his head. It’s literally knocking him out!



Check out the video stories with “Bad Luck Brian” where he’s testing all kind of sports and at the same time he’s trying to survive from not being killed by his backpack.






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