Our playground is specific, it is the outdoors but it is also undefined as we as want to keep exploring new places and new ways.The USWE Ikon combines the mountains and the forest. It states our origin in the outdoors. For us this means responsibility to nurse and respect as well as to grow our kick-ass attitude.


There is nothing in this world that makes us feel more alive than facing and overcoming our fears. The skull reminds us of this. It also reminds us that we are aware of the unachievable nature of being immortal.
Still, we are working hard towards this goal. To make memories, to tell tales to be passed on by generation to generation.

When you see the skull you know that you have geared up to make history. Don’t forget your dreams and goals when the conditions suck and your mind is weak. Gear up, suit up, get out there!


We are always trying to improve racing performance, independent of sport, that’s our passion. If we do hiking gear, we want to challenge the gear to be sufficient for running. If we do gear for commuting it should still be suitable for racing. That’s how we are. Its in our soul.

If you see the flash – You know this gear is intended for high speed. It is designed to improve your ability and experience. If you see the flash you know it is USWE.


Its about our way of challenging the norm. To try to make things in a different way, never as an end itself, but to improve things and make them better. For us this is the cross. The Anything But Mainstream 

Our journey started with designing a backpack like no other.
The 4-point attachment system with the buckle in the middle forms out like a cross on the chest. 

For us everything started with the backpack and No Dancing Monkey. Now we are taking the X to other areas.


The world around us is constantly telling us which way to go, which path to follow, which corner to turn, when to stop and even when to start. The arrow represents our own direction, taking hold of the arrow and pointing it where ever we want. It’s not always the easiest or the right way but it’s ours, we chose it. 

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